What is Realville?

Plain and simple – Realville is our fabulous youth group!  Our home base is at the Mantua UMC and we also meet at Barnsboro UMC!  This group is a unique combination of youth groups from Barnsboro UMC and Mantua UMC.  We have a College aged group and our normal Youth Group which meets once a week.  Both of these groups interact with each other every week.  Our groups are very supportive of each other – no matter what the age of the member!  Come out and experience our group.  We would love to spend time with you and invite you worship with us!

When is Realville?

Our College Crew meet from 6:00 to 7:00 pm on Sunday nights.  The Realville group meets right after them at 7:00 to 8:30 pm.  The college aged youth are welcome to stay and help/work with the youth group.   We have a time for a Bible lesson, game time, worshipping together through singing, studying, sharing and praying together.  Additionally we have time set for road trips!!!! 

Who makes up Realville?

Realville age range is from 7th graders to 12th graders.  Our College Crew is from 1st year to Young Adults. While we can have anywhere from 25+ youth and 5+ College students (depends on sports, homework, life!) it is a very lively group that comes out each week.  We are a warm and welcoming, and treat each other as family. We are a diverse group of believers – learning each week about how to take care of each other and how to serve those around us that are in need.

Who leads Realville?

The youth leader is Penny Kirkbride.  I am a Certified Lay Speaker at Barnsboro UMC and have been working with Youth at BUMC and Kids Alley for many years.    I am beginning my second year with Realville and I am excited to be able to continue working with the youth and their families. 

My helper  – Joe Klein!!!!  Joe comes out to hang out and fellowship with the youth.  His daughter Emily has been in our youth group for years….  she is now one of my College Crew!!!   “Uncle Joe:” is a member at  BUMC and is one of their Trustees. 

I want the parents and youth to know that this is a fabulous group of kids!!!!  The parents are welcome to come out and hang out with us during lessons and encouraged to join us during our Road Trips!