Yes, you’ve read right, a Realville blog. A place to express the awesomeness of Realville’s events and whats going on in the minds and hearts of Realville, but… who really cares that I had fun at a party? Who really wants to know what I thought of an outreach? Whose really interested in knowing my take on a retreat?

I’m boring enough in person, let alone trying to read through my ramblings online. Thats where you come in. I’m in need of some creative people to write the Realville blog, you know, let people know what is really going on in the life of Realville. People checking out the site want to hear from YOU. I can say it’s great all I want but it means nothing because I’m paid to say it’s great.

The RealvilleĀ blog is the first real aspects of the new site that you can really claim, so those who are skilled at writting, step up and claim it!